Stuart's Railway Photography

Class 70

GE pioneer 70001 makes light work of 4O27 Garston - Southampton on the 22nd of October 2011, approaching the ever popular location of South Moreton, although im sure that when the electrification of the Great Western mainline goes ahead this will be a shot that will be consigned to the history books

In the final stages of it's journey from the Midlands 70001 leads 4O14 Birch Coppice - Southampton through Eastleigh on the 1st of September 2011, since this working has been diagramed for one of the new breed of Class 70's it has been increased in length and this can be seen here with the back of the train not even in the station yet

Running nearly 110 minutes late 70001 makes an appearance for Freightliner HeavyHaul while working 6U77 Mountsorrel - Crewe loaded ballast on the 14th of July 2011, seen approaching Wychnor Junction at Catholme its about to cross the junction and head off towards Lichfield and joining the WCML for its onward journey to Crewe

70001 powers through Cholsey Manor Farm with 4M68 Southampton - Birch Coppice on the 3rd of May 2011, the field of oil seed rape is now passed its peak flowering period, on the public footpath which cuts through the field to reach the vantage point you could be forgiven for thinking you were walking on concrete and not soil as its solid and flat after no serious rain for many weeks!

With the sun due to set 20 minutes after this picture was taken i couldn't be happier with the result, 70001 powers through Kings Sutton at the head of 4M99 Southampton - Trafford Park on the 8th of April 2011, the sooner more of this class arrive the better in my eyes as the sight and sound is superb!

70003 heads towards Stenson Junction on the 3rd of April 2013 with 6U77 Mountsorrel - Crewe made up of a rake of full to bursting Network Rail branded IOA's

Not normally a massive fan of platform shots but the colour in the trees swings this for me, 70003 heads east through Tamworth low level on the 12th of October 2012 with 6U76 Crewe - Mountsorrel, this working is supposed to convey ballast empties, but in fact half were already loaded, strange operation indeed

Shortly after exiting the Portbury branch 70003 is seen passing through Parson Street on the 19th of September 2012 with 6Z61 Portbury - Fiddlers Ferry

70003 is seen passing Stenson on the 13th of January 2012 with 4Z68 Ratcliffe - Crewe Basford Hall, this working passed straight through this spot after being given the clear road to proceed onto the main Derby - Birmingham line and so could be heard rumbling well before it came into view under the bridge

70003 brings its rake of discharged coal hoppers through Patchway station on the 14th of September 2011, this was 4F57 Uskmouth Power Station - Stoke Gifford and was the second set to have worked to the South Wales power station this day

70003 hammers around the curve at Rangeworthy with 4V57 Rugeley - Stoke Gifford on the 6th of June 2011, at this point this service was running around 45 minutes late which isn't to bad for this working as it always seems to be late for one reason or another, despite appearances it was only minutes from 'full dull' due to an approaching bank of cloud from the west, and to make matters worse I could barely see due to itchy eyes caused by hayfever, gotta love this hobby at times!

With a nice bit of jet black smoke coming out of the exhaust 70003 powers up on exiting Chipping Sodbury loop with 4O51 Cardiff Wentloog - Southampton on the 25th of March 2011

70003 hammers through the main at Bishton with 4O51 Cardiff Wentloog - Southampton on the 8th of March 2011, During this period the Class 70's are being used for training for staff based at Southampton and, The class has been fairly reliable on this service so far

70004 hammers through Gossington on the 4th of March 2015 with 4V09 Rugeley - Stoke Gifford

Just about dodging the shadows on the beautiful clear blue morning of the 23rd of March 2011 70004 heads 6M55 Portbury - Rugeley through Filton Abbey Wood

70004 'The Coal Industry Society' rounds the curve at Huntingford with 4V46 Rugeley - Stoke Gifford on the 19th of March 2011, The loco could be heard powering a good 1 - 2 minutes before it appeared into view, Nice!

With its short rake of only 16 HXA's and 1 HHA tagged on the back 70005 storms up Pilning bank with 4F56 Uskmouth - Portbury on the 27th of October 2012

With St Mary's Church visible 70005 glides down the relief at Magor on the 26th of October 2011 with 4F56 Uskmouth - Stoke Gifford coal empties, the morning loaded working to the South Wales power station had originated from Portbury

70006 hammers through Gossington on the 7th of May 2013 with 4V06 Rugeley - Stoke Gifford

70006 powers up through Patchway with a rare sunday coal working returning as 4Z65 Uskmouth - Stoke Gifford on the 22nd of July 2012

70006 winds its way through Pill on the final approach to Portbury Docks with the 4C09 from Stoke Gifford on the evening of the 26th of March 2012, its not often a chance comes up to take shots from this location with the right angle for the sun in the evening because usually by the time the evenings are long enough coal traffic ceases for the summer!

70006 thunders up the embankment at Pilning with 4F56 Uskmouth - Stoke Gifford coal empties on the 16th of December 2011, just to the right of the locomotives cab a small dusting of snow can be seen on one of the hilltops, despite many weather warnings from the met office regarding the weather for the hours leading up to this period this was as bad as it got!

70006 thumps towards Severn Tunnel Junction station with 6M04 Portbury - Rugeley on the 21st of October 2010, the route that these diagrams take is rather bizarre as the loaded workings go via Hereford towards Crewe before heading South through Stafford on the West Coast Mainline befroe reaching their destination, a journey that is well over twice the length of the more direct route via Cheltenham

70007 whines its way towards Didcot with 4O14 Birch Coppice - Southampton on the 15th of October 2011, of the Class 70's that are currently in the UK this one is the only one to arrive in the country by rail, this member of the fleet was used to officially launch the 'Powerhaul' brand at the Innotrans rail exhibition during September 2010 in Berlin before being forwarded through Europe and then the Channel Tunnel before commencing its duties for Freightliner

General Electric 70007 powers away from Didcot Parkway after a short stop with 4O51 Cardiff Wentloog - Southampton on the 3rd of October 2011, at the present time this diagram is usually 66 hauled but can throw up a more interesting 70 as it returns to Southampton in time for an evening path to either Birch Coppice or Trafford Park the same evening

In a very lucky splash of super late afternoon light 70007 powers through Ledburn on the 31st of March 2011 with 4L92 Ditton - Felixstowe running thankfully some 20 minutes early, as at its booked time it was well and truly lights out!

70008 leads a very well loaded 4O51 Cardiff Wentloog - Southampton through Undy on the 10th of October 2013, such a shame to think that so many locations in South Wales will be ruined when the wires go up in the very near future

Making a rather impressive noise 70008 heads 4M99 Southampton - Trafford Park through Kings Sutton on the 16th of June 2011, container traffic from the South coast port has seen a significant increase during 2011 and is quite clearly illustrated by the nature of the loading on this working

70008 was a welcome surprise at Hinksey on the 6th of May 2011 working 4O49 Crewe Basford hall - Southampton, after being held on the relief near the footbridge in the distance to allow a Voyager to overtake the 70 was still getting back into its stride and sounding pretty good to go with it

70009 heads 4O51 Cardiff Wentloog - Southampton through Undy and past the solar panel clad bungalows on the 14th of April 2014

70009 speeds through Coalpit Heath on the 31st of August 2012 with 4O51 Cardiff Wentloog - Southampton, this is a location I dont use very often and in the very near future will soon be now use at all as to achieve this shot I was stood on the third step of a ladder to get above the ever growing tree which can be seen at the bottom of the picture

70009 slows to enter Hullavington loop as it passes through Farleaze on the 14th of October 2011 with 4O51 Cardiff Wentloog - Southampton, at the current time the Freightliner Intermodal sector Class 70's are becoming quite a regular feature on this service, i would imagine that this could well be down to the increased weight and length of the service which can now reach 30 wagons per train

With the River Clyde pushing through after some recent rain 70010 hammers across Crawford Viaduct with 4S41 Garston - Hunterston on the 5th of September 2011, on what was quite a windy day it was a bit of a balancing act perched on the edge of the hill

Making a very pleasing sight 70011 leads 4F56 Uskmouth - Stoke Gifford coal empties through Severn Tunnel Junction on the 28th of September 2011

On the 1st of February 2011 70011 heads 4V06 Rugeley - Stoke Gifford through Ram Hill near Coalpit Heath, only 30 minutes before this was taken all around was completely dull but a swift burn off of cloud made the effort more than worth while

70013 picks up speed as it passes through Parson Street on the 26th of April 2013 with 6M61 Portbury - Rugeley

70015 slows for a signal check on the 4th of October 2012, shortly it will pass Parson Street and then onto the Portbury branch with the saturday only 4F56 Uskmouth Power Station - Portbury coal empties, the rest of the week the service usually returns direct to Stoke Gifford

70015 just about avoids the mid afternoon autumn shadows at Patchway on the 29th of September 2012 while heading a diverted 4V46 Rugeley - Stoke Gifford empty coal diagram on the 29th of September 2012

70016 slowly makes its way along the relief line at Magor on the 19th of January 2015 with 4O70 Cardiff Wentloog - Southampton, thankfully the part of the train that was properly loaded was at the front with most of the fresh air obscured by the road bridge

70016 whines through Parson Street on the 29th of April 2013 with 6Z61 Portbury - Fiddlers Ferry in a very lucky patch of sun, within 45 minutes a clear blue sky that had greeted sunrise had turned into a cloud filled sky

In the dying embers of the afternoon sun on the 30th of January 2012 70016 gains speed while passing straight through Stenson with a delayed 6U77 Mountsorrel - Crewe, as it approached the bridge in the distance this truly impressive machine opened up with some fantastic noise, what a great way to end an afternoon lineside!

70017 is seen heading 4O70 Cardiff Wentloog - Southampton towards Pilning station on the 23rd of February 2016

70017 heads through Coalpit Heath on the 16th of April 2014 with 4O51 Cardiff Wentloog - Southampton, not long now until this whole stretch of line becomes useless for photography when the dreaded overhead wires go up

70017 picks up speed from a signal check as it passes Hinksey Yard on the 4th of June 2013 with 4M99 Southampton - Trafford Park

70017 works 4M99 Southampton - Trafford Park through Kings Sutton on the 31st of May 2013

70017 takes the Bristol line through Severn Tunnel Junction on the 10th of December 2012 with 4O51 Cardiff Wentloog - Southampton

70017 is seen passing through Magor on the 10th of December 2012 with 4O51 Cardiff Wentloog - Southampton

70018 hammers towards Tackley on the 4th of June 2013 with 4M98 Southampton - Garston, just a shame that some high level cloud took the edge of the sun but still not a bad result!

With a distinct look and feel of autumn in the air 70019 screams through Tamworth on the 12th of October 2012 with 4O49 Crewe Basford Hall - Southampton

70020 makes its way out of its own heat haze at Pilning on the 5th of December 2012 with 4O51 Cardiff Wentloog - Southampton

70020 winds its way down the Bishton flyover on the 4th of October 2012 at the head of 4O51 Cardiff Wentloog - Southampton

70804 bursts into life while hauling 70802 and 6M50 Westbury - Bescot, seen here shortly after passing over Hawkeridge Junction on the 24th of June 2014, at present it seems as if Colas Rail are taking over the world with the amount of traffic they are taking over from other companies and also new traffic

A filthy 70807 passes St Georges on the 18th of April 2015 with 6C22 Westbury - Leckwith Junction, this working will later run round at Margam Yard before heading through here again to gain entry to the possesion